Create Your City

FundPool is a Liverpool based property tech company. We aim to gentrify and simplify investment opportunities to help our users customise their investments while contributing back into the city. This marriage celebrates the power of investment and imagination which allows us to build a future city that will define us as a generation.



Investment doesn't need to be top down.The next investment is just a few click away.The chance to chalenge the status quo is here.

Who Are We

Growing up in Singapore, Tai understands the problems associated with exorbitant housing costs and land scarcity. A basic 4 room apartment in Singapore costs close to half a million US dollars today.

Housing should be a basic human right and not a social liability. By witnessing first-hand the ramifications of rising housing costs, opportunities to use technology as a bridge to solves host countries housing challenges become clear and valuable.

Since embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship, it has become apparent that housing as a basic need cannot be achieved by most in the near future [2037] - lest a didactic shift in a common world understanding based on facts. Not sure what this means??

We truly believe that technology is the key to finding a solution to the worlds housing crisis in a way that reaffirms our generation as daring, innovative and most importantly, compassionate.